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Pain Relief Gel – For Barbers

£24.95per unit


Your Brand Hair Products Pain Relieving Gel helps relieve a variety of physical ailments while you are cutting hair.

Great for sore muscles, tendons, joints and can either be used before, during or after you have spent a day behind the chair. This pain relief gel is designed to provide fast acting cooling relief to sore muscles and joints in your neck and feet.

  • Does Not Stain Clothing
  • Safe To Use
  • Menthol Fragrance


10 Top Tips: To minimise muscle pain when cutting hair.
  1. Keep moving to adjust your position whilst standing.
  2. Wear supportive, lace-up, non-slip shoes and avoid heels.
  3. Either bend your knees with your feet apart and keep the back straight whilst shampooing or stand with one foot in front of the other, bending at the hips and knees with the back straight.
  4. Adjust the clients chair height so that you don’t have to bend.
  5. Stretch your neck, arms and back between clients.
  6. Exercise and watch your diet, the more you weight, the more stress being put through the body.
  7. Keep well hydrated.
  8. Breathe deeply to improve the oxygen supply to the muscles.
  9. Keep your arms and shoulders as relaxed as possible, shaking them off every so often.
  10. Practice stress busting techniques such as meditation

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